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2014 Aroma Actives Ltd
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About Aroma Actives

‘Natural Beauty For  All’

Established and formulated by Geraldine Howard, renowned aromatherapy expert and pioneer.  Aroma Actives is centred upon her expertise, passion and belief in the natural benefits of aromatherapy’s essential oils and active natural botanicals.

Aroma Actives believes in offering a ‘Pure, Natural and Effective’, quality-assured, yet affordable luxury brand. By utilising Geraldine’s experienced background and training in natural active ingredients and essential oils we have created a 16 strong skincare line.

We know the importance of building a credible brand that consumers trust.  This, combined with the ever growing interest in holistic wellbeing and lifestyle, has led to Geraldine formulating Aroma Actives, as with all aromatherapy, to have both the body and mind at its core.

Aroma Actives prides itself on creating an attainable brand that sustains its passionate belief in using the best possible natural active ingredients and essential oils. The result is the uncompromised, superior composition of Aroma Actives products which are formulated free from harsh chemicals.

Free From

In keeping with our mantra ‘Natural Beauty For All’, we are proud to fly the ‘free from’ flag.  All of Aroma Actives products are free from:

- Parabens
- SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
- Mineral Oils
- Petroleum
- Propylene Glycol
- Artificial fragrances and colours